Hi everyone! I'm Erica Campbell, Twistys Treat of the Month for January. I am so honored to have been selected as January Treat of the Month! Not only because it's Twistys and not only because it's a new month, but because it's also a new year. A new year is a chance for new opportunities and new resolutions.

Growing up in New Hampshire, the only landlocked state in the US, I know alot about new chances. That's why I've dedicated a lot of my time to rescuing and rehabilitating injured animals. All of us deserve a second chance... including animals! They love unconditionally and that's something that's beautiful to me.

As for humans, I like men who are down-to earth, honest and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I'm a sucker for the quiet farmer-type or the cowboy who works hard and isn't flashy, but is always there in a pinch. Kind of the Clint Eastwood type!

My tastes are simple. I like old pick-up trucks, Saturday mornings taking care of my horses and pets. A typical Sunday involves sleeping in, reading the morning newspaper, followed by a dinner with friends and family. As long as I have food on my table, a roof over my head and can help others (including animals!) I consider myself a success. Life is too short to be unhappy, so take a break and enjoy my photos and videos.

I thank you all for the support you've given me! And to Twistys, a special thanks for helping me along the road to success!


Erica xoxoxo
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