Hi I'm Lanny Barby! You probably already know me, I was the Penthouse Pet of the Month for June in 2003.

I started to work in porn about 5 seconds after my 18th birthday. No kidding! I was eager to get paid for something I really love to do. SEX! Right from the start I did all the nastiest stuff. Gangbangs, DP, Anal, Boy-Girl and of course Girl-Girl. And in case you wonder: Yes. I do like to have a hard cock in my ass! (But I do prefer a bit smaller than the size I like in my pussy hehehe)

My favorite color is pink and for music I like Techno and Jazz.

I still live in the same neighborhood as my parents and you know, my Mom loves my website! (YES! She visits every day. Even she sees my pictures inside Twistys with my papa's membership!) My hobbies... hmmm, well, can you call masturbation a hobby? Hahaha.

You know, a lot of people say that girls from Quebec are the sexiest girls in Canada. Maybe it's because of the French heritage. I am not sure- all I know is that we are liberal and we like to have fun. My parents are the same. We prefer to live "in the moment".

I don't know if it's true but I DO know that Quebec girls are the dirtiest girls in the whole wide world! And this include the Web too. hehehe. We just naturally have no inhibitions (how do you say that in English?) so that makes us the perfect porn movie stars.

I love taking my clothes off in front of the men mostly because I love the attention. It just feels so good and natural. I am happy with who I am and I like to show the world. It helps me that my parents support my career and cheer me on.

Most girls are not lucky like me. Some people think it is strange but to me it's normal- like every day work at an office for other people.

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